The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario is the result of a partnership among the 5 following organizations.

Without doubt, the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas ranks among the most successful, important, and exciting bird research and conservation projects ever undertaken in the Western Hemisphere. All told, project participants:

  • logged an incredible 150,000 hours of time in the field, allowing a thorough assessment of how bird distributions have changed in Ontario since the first atlas (1981-2005)
  • undertook 69,000 point counts across the entire province allowing us to provide the first maps of relative abundance for many species in Ontario.
  • submitted an astonishing 1.2 million individual breeding bird records, making the Atlas database an incredibly powerful foundation not only for the book itself, but for innumerable bird research and environmental management applications for many years to come.

This web site, which serves as a complement to the book, contains several items that you can access online, such as species distribution and effort maps, various interactive data summaries, options to download the raw data and more.


16 Sept 2009: the data summary page can now be used to summarize data from the first atlas (1981-85) as well as the second atlas (2001-2005).



You can purchase your copy of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario online.

Cost: $60.00 + GST, includes shipping in Canada.



Book reviews

The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario (2001-2005) is a monumental achievement. Not only is it a stirring example of co-operative research, but the detailed results of that research have been presented with a remarkable clarity and style. Margaret Atwood & Graeme Gibson
See what else people have to say about the atlas in our Book review section.


You can view sample layouts from the Atlas. The book is hard cover, over 700 pages long, and:

  • Is beautifully designed, with full-colour, state-of-the-art maps and photographs accompanying each of the more than 300 species accounts;
  • Contains detailed maps showing the current distribution of each breeding species in the province, and how its distribution has changed over the past 20 years;
  • Provides the first detailed maps of the relative abundance of many species in Ontario.
  • Contains easy to read species accounts providing an overview of the species’ breeding range and habitat, distribution, population status and history in Ontario, emphasizing changes from the first atlas, plus information on breeding biology and abundance;
  • Has information on Ontario’s biogeography, overall changes in bird populations, ranges, and trends, and an overview of atlas results;
  • Mentions all participants and contributors by name.


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